Over the course of five years, DC Wildflower Teacher-Leaders will open
up to six micro-schools in partnership with their chosen communities.
We are targeting neighborhoods in Wards 4, 5, 7, and 8 ready for our unique Montessori offerings. 

The Riverseed School

Our first school, opening in Fall 2022, is located in Ward 7's Deanwood neighborhood. Its founding Teacher-Leaders, Ebony Marshman and Zanso Dalili-Ortique, are experienced Montessori educators, excited to live and work in Ward 7.

Learn more about Riverseed at their website,

Interested in Designing a School?

Are you an innovative, equity-minded, and
entrepreneurial Montessori educator?
Explore the process of designing a  Wildflower School! 
In the Washington, DC area the work of recruiting and coaching new Teacher Leaders is done by our Regional Site Entrepreneur, Maia Blankenship. Start your journey here.