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Public Information

As a publicly-funded school, the District of Columbia holds DC Wildflower Public Charter School accountable through the DC Public Charter School Board’s oversight. In accordance with the Board’s transparency standards, below are key documents covering our operations:

  1. School Calendar

  2. LEA Continuous Education Plan, 2022-23 (or on OSSE's website)

  3. Health and Safety Plan, 2022-23

  4. Student/Family Policies, which must include policies around:

    • Discipline,

    • Attendance,

    • Grievance Procedures,

    • Non-Discrimination, and

    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice.

  5. Employee Policies must include board-approved policies around compliance with applicable employment law, including:

    • Sexual harassment,

    • Equal opportunity,

    • Drug-free workplace,

    • Staff complaint resolution process, and

    • Whistleblower Policy

  6. Current School Year Budget

  7. Form 990 (FY22 available post audit)

  8. Executive Salary 

  9. Equity Preference Funding Report

  10. Annual Report

  11. Open Meetings (refer to Governance page)

  12. Key Points of Contact
    Executive Director - Rachel Kimboko
    Title IX Coordinator - Ashley Montgomery
    McKinney-Vento Homeless LEA POC - Dana Stiles
    Special Education Coordinator - Dana Stiles

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